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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  October 24, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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president trump. >> trump is treason! trump is treason! >> u.s. capital police tell us that's ryan clayton of sterling shouting and throwing those flags at the president. mr. trump was on the hill to talk to gop senators about the tax plan. we are told clayton was posing as a journalist. he was taken away in handcuffs and charged with unlawful conduct. this arrest happened in a very sensitive location, just feet from the president. an inside restricted space. scott macfarlane reports he has a record. this raises new concerns about security now. >> jim, d.c. correspondent records show he has a prior arrest for unlawful assembly in d.c. 36-year-old is part of an activist group called americans take action. now, video shows him standing in the ohio clock corridor of the u.s. capital that shows the
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at president trump as the president walks by. witnesses say he yelled "trump is treason" as he did so. that ohio clock corridor in the capital is a restricted space. one must have a press credential or staff credential to even enter that space. and to get that credential, a reporter muf reporter must agree not to protest and not to lobby government officials. anyone not part of the capital press core must have a visiting media i.d. issued by their media outlet. they are asking who signed him. beale keep you updated on that. when the president is in the u.s. capital security is enhanced further. no one without a press credential can enter the space near the outside of the capital. big questions about this protest today. this rarch on the senate side of the capital. back to you. >> scott macfarlane, thank you, scott. we have another developing story on capitol hill. late today senator jef
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reelection in 2018. the arizona republican delivered a scathing speech on the senate floor aimed at president trump and the republican party. >> the reckless provocations most often for the petty est and most personal reasons, reasons having nothing whatsoever to do with the fortunes of the people that we have been elected to serve. none of these appalling features of our current politics should ever be regarded as normal. >> the white house responded saying the decision not to run was, quote, probably a good move. flake was trailing in polls against a conservative challenger. switching gears, storm team 4 tracking big changes in our forecast. >> yeah, we are. doug joins us from the storm center. we are ready, doug, bring it! >> ready for some cooler weather. we've seen temperatures so warm for most of the month of october, now we're going to go back down closer to where we should be around the average high for this year, this time of
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which is 55, 56. that is coming tomorrow. we're at 72 degrees right now in the city, very warm, but look to the back or look to the west. 59, morgan town. 55 pittsburgh. only 49 columbus, ohio. and that cool [ inaudible ]. it will all move over our region tomorrow. i don't think we're going to see any showers tomorrow, but what i do think we're going to see is going to be that cooler weather. so, cooler temperatures tomorrow. a chilly few days. thursday really going to be on the chilly side. and then i'm tracking our next system which will be another game changer as we head into the end of the weekend and early next week. so, a lot going on here in the weather. we've seen kind of a tranquil weather pattern the last month and a half for the most part. going to get a little topsy-turvy, little stormy as we make our way through the next few days, guys. >> october, imagine that.
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thanks. can you imagine waking up and finding bullet holes in your home? it happened to more than a dozen houses last year in prince william county, now police tell us it's happening again. homes in dumfries and woodbridge were hit early saturday. news 4's justin finch is on sedgwick place in dumfries to show us the damage. >> reporter: and what's frightening for so many is when these shots are fired and where they are [ inaudible ]. people's home, now, between 3:00 and 5:30 a.m. saturday, prince william county police got reports of shots fired in two locations, one here in dumfries where three town homes were hit off the 2,500 block of sedgwick place. and over in woodbridge, a car and town home reportedly struck on the 4300 block of eileen court. police are saying luckily in both cases no reports of injuries. only property damage, and here in dumfries, we met a man who
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the damages were not worse. >> absolutely, you don't want any violence around this neighborhood. too many, you know, too many civilians here, too many kids here. so, hopefully they do capture who did this. >> reporter: police are saying what makes their efforts even more difficult is that oftentimes people don't hear the bullets going off. that was the case here in dumfries. so oftentimes people don't find those bullets until days after the shooting so they are asking people to be alert and also to not be surprised if they see more police in their neighborhoods over the next coming days. as for the suspects, police are still looking for who they might be and where. in dumfries, i'm justin finch, news 4. >> a challenge today to a court ruling that says a memorial that is known as the peace cross is unconstitutional. maryland's governor is ordering his attorney general to file a brief in support of keeping it. last week a federal court
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that's in bladensburg to come down because while it was put up on private land, that land is now owned by the state, which makes it unconstitutional in regards to the separation of church and state. the cross was put up to honor world war i veterans. a national secular group argued that the cross ignores nonchristian veterans. >> now to that scary scene in the middle of lunch hour, a car came barrelling through the wall at a restaurant and bar. >> witnesses say the people were trapped between the ceiling and the tables. chopper 4 flying over the scene in upper marlboro this afternoon, take a look at the damage. prince george's county bureau chief tracee wilkins was the first reporter to arrive and has reaction from the woman behind the wheel. >> reporter: when we first arrived to the scene here, it was chaotic. i saw people on stretchers who were bloodied, being transported for serious injuries. you see why here. that car into the side of the restaurant and for folks who were in
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see it coming. >> there was absolutely no warning and a car came through the wall. >> a lot of people are hurt right now. >> there was a table that it knocked down, the wall came over. i fell on the floor with a friend of mine from the boy scouts. he fell on top of me. >> heads were cut open, their faces are all cut up. >> reporter: a quiet lunch violently 2ru79ed at the top of the hill. a midday gathering place in upper marlboro. judge philip nichols here for lunch break in a trial. >> in the middle of an arson trial. i have to get my car out of here soon. >> reporter: the driver who drove her car into the restaurant tells me her vehicle just got away from her. >> you know, my brakes went out. my brakes just went out. i was trying, i panicked. that's how i ended up over that hump right there and i came up over here and ended up over there. >> reporter: ten people were injured, seven an
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but for this restaurant manager, she has no cuts, no bruises, but still visible pain. >> i was in the building. i was -- these are my customers that it happened to. >> these are just some of the tracks showing the direction that car went in when it came off the road and into the side of this restaurant. prince george's county police are still investigating. no word yet on possible charges. in upper marlboro, i'm tracee wilkins, news 4. >> right now in tampa, florida, the search for a possible serial killer has police escorting children home from school. in the past two weeks the mysterious gunman has killed three people, all within a mile of each other. nbc's kerry sanders is in tampa where city leaders vow to find the killer. >> reporter: this morning tampa's mayor has a blunt promise. >> and we will hunt this [ bleep ] down until we find him. [cheering and applauding] >> reporter: it was standing room only at a community meeting monday night. in the audience emotional relatives of the three murder victims.
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area within ten days. benjamin mitchell was the first one killed. his aunt. >> it doesn't get any easier. >> reporter: monica hoffa was second. her uncle robert. >> we're going to find you. we'll find you. >> reporter: anthony naiboa was the third victim. his father. >> we feel like people care, that people want to see justice. >> reporter: because all of the killings happened at night, officials urging residents to turn on their porch lights after dark and pay attention to their surroundings. >> and we are not going to let evil win this race. not happening. >> reporter: detectives took down names of everyone attending the meeting believing the killer might be brazen enough to show up. a former fbi profiler says the killer's m.o. suggests there is a good chance he's from the neighborhood. >> he's comfortable with this area. maybe he grew up here, works here, or currently lives here. >> reporter: tampa's police
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everybody is a suspect. >> there is a very good likelihood that someone in this room knows who is doing it. >> reporter: the families of all three victims say they just don't want to see any more suffering. >> i hope he finds it in his [ inaudible ]. >> reporter: victim number 4, it turned out it was a drug deal, and because there are so many police officers in the neighborhood, they were on it within moments. kerry sanders, nbc news, tampa. >> when we come right back on news 4 at 5:00 tonight, controversy on the campaign trail. both parties under fire and accused of scare tactics because of how they depict latinos in their commercials. >> and it's the end of an era for a local business. the owner of belmont tv explains why, after 75 years, he's pulling the plug. >> i'll miss that
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vowould be a disaster forion virginia families.e adams supports letting insurance companies deny coverage for pre-existing conditions. seniors would be charged thousands more. 685,000 virginians would lose their health care. and adams is against medicaid expansion - denying coverage to thousands of veterans, children and the disabled. john adams: higher costs, less coverage, hurting virginians. mark: i'm mark herring, candidate for attorney general, and i sponsored this ad. oh, it's been a main stay of the region for generations. we've been humming it today. made famous by their locally produced tv and radio spots. >> actually we were having trouble figuring out, which jingle was that? news 4 mark s
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why belmont tv is closing its stores. >> reporter: like the sign says, belmont tv has been in our region since 1943. it started out in the district as belmont radio. for those of us who grew up here, it was that jingle we just couldn't get out of our heads. whatever you want, think belmont. ♪ whatever you want, whatever it is ♪ ♪ whatever you want, think belmont ♪ >> we've worn it out. >> reporter: standing in front of the few sales at belmont tv, he recalls making the decision 30 years ago to star in his own tv commercials. >> there are three very important reasons why you should come to belmont. >> reporter: he paid an ad agency to come up with a jingle. >> it was something that stuck in people's heads and they would -- and we used it constantly. >> reporter: his father opened the first belmont in northwest d.c. in 1943. repairing radios. over the generations, there have been
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now after 75 years, the last remaining store here on king street in arlington, will close next monday. it's the only job he has ever had. >> after doing it for 50 years, i'm 68, my wife says, enough. it's time to enjoy life a little bit. >> reporter: as for the jingle, he recalls it was members of the star land vocal band who recorded it. >> but i had no idea it would stick in somebody's head or stick in people's heads like it did. ♪ whatever you want think belmont ♪ >> if you run it enough, anything will stick in your head if you beat it to death. >> reporter: belmont tv's last day will be monday, october 31st. the king street location will then be converted into a laundromat. in arlington, mark segraves, news 4. >> oh, no. >> not a laundromat. >> star land vocal band, we remember them. i do not remember the jingle. >> also, i hate it whe
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don't you hate that? >> brick and mortar going away. >> a fun piece of history. >> you remember the commercials. >> i remember him when he was young, yeah, yeah, yeah. >> good for him. congrats, well deserved. >> retiring. >> news for your hougt tonight, you may not know as much as you think about cancer. a new study reveals many americans aren't clear on what puts them at risk for the disease. the american society of clinical oncology surveyed 4,000 people. fewer than one-third of those adults knew that obesity is a major risk factor for cancer. only 20% were aware of viruses like hpv can cause cancer. just 30% knew drinking too much alcohol increases your cancer risk. the study shows most americans do know smoking and sun exposure increase your risk of cancer. >> so, if you have a gluten allergy but your partner does not and you have a baby together, will your
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have not -- not have the gluten allergy? there is now an app that answers your genetic questions before you give birth. it's called baby glimpse. you and your partner submit saliva samples through a testing kit. the results show up in the baby glimpse app. >> any two people regardless of their level of scientific background can dig in and understand their own genetics and how they might combine. >> baby glimpse isn't considered a medical service. insurance won't cover it and the data analysis costs $300. >> ain't cheap. here's a new way to track your child's development. centers for disease control and prevention has released the free milestone tracker app. parents can track skills like taking a first step or saying those first words. there are also tips and activities as well as information on when to act early and talk with a doctor about a developmental concern. >> in light of the harvey weinstein scandal, a special forum is now underway on capitol hill discussing w t
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more gender parity in the workplace. representatives don buyer of virginia and carol maloney -- carolyn maloney of new york are hosting this discussion. studies show that women are -- makeup about 47% of our labor force and yet they account for just 20% of seats on corporate [ inaudible ]. >> they won't be paying out $32 million to settle a claim and then rehiring the guy. i think they will help us be much tougher, have a much more zero-tolerance approach. >> several studies have found that gender diversity at senior levels of corporations does enhance that company's performance. there are new questions after a local man is arrested on sexual assault charges, only to be released from jail and b
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later. news 4 is getting answers. >> plus big changes in your weather, folks, as cold air moves back in. doug is tracking the temps in
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ralcandidate for'm governor,rtham, and i sponsored this ad. narrator: they call him enron ed. because washington, dc lobbyist ed gillespie represented the worst of the worst. lenders trying to keep student loan rates high. corporations sending jobs overseas. and of course the enron scandal. now, enron ed is lobbying for donald trump's agenda. like cuts to virginia school funding, and taking away healthcare from thousands of virginians. enron ed gillespie. he's not lobbying for you.
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scott mcfar lan at the live desk with breaking news. u.s. park police say they have seized weapons and
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near the bridge, the extension of independence avenue near the jefferson memorial near the tidal basin surrounded by u.s. landmarks. take a look at the pictures u.s. park police have given of these firearms. apparently the person or people from whom they seized these firearms were pulled over on the bridge were speeding and drugs why found then the firearms were found. rifles, firearms and ammunition near the jefferson memorial. at the live desk, i'm scott macfarlane. >> thank you, scott. >> the national weather service acknowledging the damage is the work of tornadoes. the wind strong enough to flip airplanes and trucks. damage widespread across southern and western north carolina. shelters are open for those whose homes are badly damaged and schools had to be closed today. what started that? >> that storm was wicked. >> what unleashed those storms? >> really amazing. we watched this one storm. i saw at about 3:30 yesterday afternoon. i saw the rotation of the storm in parts of south carolina. it c
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went up about 150 miles as a rotating super cell storm and dumped a lot of tornadoes including that f 2 down around the spartan burg area and numerous tornadoes along the way. that was the same storm that came here. we of course did not see the severe weather thank good nanes. what we're seeing today temperatures are going back around average tomorrow before falling below average thursday. something else you notice now, starting to see some more fall color on the trees. we have some blue skies. temperatures, though, right now sitting in the 70s. 72 degrees, winds out of the southwest at 13 miles per hour. it's really been another nice day. it was a little cool early on, but all in all, not bad at all. 69 right now martinsburg. 72 fredericksburg, 72 on the eastern shore near cambridge. no rain today. we're not going do see rain, though we're flanked by it on the east and off toward the west. this is the rain we saw earlier yesterday. thisth
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came through the area. this is a large storm, cold air on the backside, some snow fall on the backside. parts around minneapolis, parts of wisconsin, the u.p. of michigan seeing some snow and very cool air behind this. frost and freeze warnings in effect for tennessee. now, for us we're not going to get that cold, but we do have some cooler weather [ inaudible ]. time to get back out the jackets, maybe the sweater and the boots for the ladies and the sunglasses. yeah, you'll need those, too. i think we have a good deal of sun tomorrow. mixing with cloud cover during the afternoon. how about the fall foliage report? for the most part most of our area high back to the mountains here including the poconos, but even around the blue ridge starting to see high colors. this weekend would be a great time to get out towards blue ridge, sky line drive looking good. even in our area, i think we're going to get closer to high color in parts of our western zones by early in weekend. so, this weekend looking pretty good for that. how about
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few days, 65 on wednesday. 61 on thursday. that's a very cool afternoon. rather breezy. many of you staying in the 50s. thursday is going to be kind of chilly. waking up friday morning, a low of 46 in the city, but many areas in the upper 30s. so, we could see another frost advisory here, maybe around leesburg, frederick and points to the west, manassas, i have at 36 degrees. frost could be in the offing for early friday morning. better on saturday. high temperature around 70 with plenty of sunshine. rain likely on sunday. of course we're taking on the cowboys on sunday. looks like we could see rainy conditions early on the day sunday. some of that rain could be quite heavy. and look at monday. a high of only 56 degrees. many areas in the 40s. waking up halloween morning at 44. that means some of the suburbs could be down around freezing. we could have our first freeze warning early next week, too. yeah, a sign of the seasons here coming on in here as the cooler air is making its way on in. much more on this, guys, we'll talk much more about it 5:45. >> thanks, doug. it's the
5:26 pm
sears. just ahead why the retailer cutting off a business relationship established more than 100 years ago. >> for weeks now virginia democrats have been complaining about ed gillespie's negative campaign ads. well, now republicans are crying foul after one of their female house of delegates candidates is pictured alongside monster masks. a look at the latest campaign flap just ahead. >> and a nasty war of words between the president and a sitting senator. nbc's kristin welker will join us live with the latest on this battle and how itould c
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>> announcer: you're watching news 4 at 5:00. >> and breaking news if you're just joining us at 5:30. at least nine people hurt after a car crashes well into a restaurant in upper marlboro. you can see the damage. this is babe's and boy's tavern that's at top of the hill along marlborough pike. two of the victims seriously hurt. the driver tells news 4 her brakes failed. >> people in prince william county waking up to find bullet holes in their homes. houses here in dumfries and woodbridge were targeted overnight saturday and police tell us the shooter aimed at bedroom windows on the second floor. no one was injured. >> belmont tv closing next monday after 75 years. the remaining store located on king street in alexandria, but the owner ken
5:30 pm
retiring after he worked in the store 50 years. his father first opened belmont in the district in 1943. >> more shots fired today in the war of words between president trump and a powerful republican senator. tennessee's bob corker told reporters today the president is, quote, debasing the nation, has not risen to the occasion, and tells untruths. senator corker also accused president trump of trying to govern by bullying and dividing. but the president lashed out on twitter today saying corker couldn't get elected dog catcher in tennessee, and he's accusing the senator of turning against him because he refused to endorse him. >> look, i think there were many people, i was one of those that hoped that, you know, he would rise to the occasion as a president and aspire to lead our nation instead of dividing it. it's obvious his political model
5:31 pm
divide. and he has not risen to the occasion. it's very evident to me. >> now, the duo saw each other face to face on capitol hill today. president trump traveling up pennsylvania avenue to talk about the gop tax plan. nbc's kristin welker is here with the details on that. so, kristen, some excitement in the halls of the capital first when a protester confronted the president. tell us about that. >> reporter: that's right. a protester did shout at the president, accusing him of treason, throwing some russian flags at the president. of course, this all comes as there are a number of investigations on capitol hill into russia's meddling in the u.s. election. that essentially the president is not even clear if he was aware of it, but it certainly was a stunning moment on capitol hill. but, look, it was just one of the stunning moments on capitol hill today, jim, because the other one happened when senator jeff flake of arizona announced that he's not running for reelection. now, he was
5:32 pm
polls to the more far-right candidate, the candidate being supported by steve bannon who is, of course, a former top advisor to president trump. but he came out today on the senate floor and effectively denounced president trump, saying that he's a threat to the democracy. so, this is compounded by that war of words that you talked about between president trump and senator bob corker. and it all amounts to effectively a civil war within the gop. you have the establishment branch breaking away [ inaudible ]. potentially what's at stake here, as you pointed out the president was on capitol hill to talk about tax reform. republicans still haven't hammered out the fine details of that. the president really doesn't have any room to lose a vote here. so, the fact that he's having this war of words with these two gop senators who are not going to be seeking
5:33 pm
still needs their votes. still, the white house casting this as a victory making the case that these senators are grandstanding and the president trump came to shake up washington and that's what's happening, jim. >> kristen, when might we see details on the tax plan from the white house? >> reporter: well, they say they want to get tax reform done by the end of the year. it's bish us. it's an ambitious time line. that is what they're going to be pushing for. president trump was asked about that in the roosegaarde enlast week and he identified the end of the year for wanting to have this accomplished. he needs a legislative victory. of course, they have failed to repeal and replace obamacare which was one of these signature policy issues that president trump ran on. so, all of the focus is going to be on tax reform. based on my conversations here, jim, it is still going to be very difficult to get this done, particularly now with all of this infighting, jim. >> stay tuned. sounds like a long road ahead. kristen, thanks so much. and these going to have much more on this story tonight on nbc nightly news with lester
5:34 pm
that's at 7:00 right after news 4 at 6:00. >> some virginia republicans are in an uproar over a new campaign flyer that compares a latina gop candidate to halloween monsters. but democrats have their own complaints about tv ads they claim are unfair to latinos. bureau chief julie carey takes a look. >> reporter: here's the flyer that just dropped into mailboxes in the springfield area. gop house of delegates candidate lolita pictured alongside monster masks dubbed a scary threat. the mailer sent out by the democratic party of virginia and approved by her democratic opponent kathy tran. dave albo is the republican delegate the women are vying to succeed. >> there's many reasons why i retired. one of them is the campaign has gotten so nasty. >> reporter: the state republican party chairman using far sharper language to condemn the mailer, tweeting, if the virginia gop did this, we would be called racist instantly, adding in another st
5:35 pm
compare a hispanic woman to a dog and a serial killer. a spokeswoman for the democratic party of virginia defends the flyer, saying this type of halloween themed campaign mailer is something that's been done before. but democrats also say the gop is guilty of even worse scare tactics like these tv ads from gubernatorial candidate ed gillespie. >> ms13 is a menace. yet ralph northam voted in favor -- >> reporter: they accused ralph northam of failing to crackdown on the ms13 gang, but latino activist say the spots demon ize their community. >> as a latina myself, i was very offended in gillespie's ad, hispanics were only portrayed as ms13, as, you know, gang members, as violent, and we are a robust, diverse community. >> reporter: as for retiring delegate albo, it's just basic bumper stickers on his truck. >> so, it
5:36 pm
what i believe, this is what you believe, voters go out and vote for the person you agree with the most. now it's, you know, halloween masks and nasty mail. after awhile i said, i'm done. >> reporter: in springfield, virginia, i'm julie carey, news 4. >> it's a gift a little girl won't forget any time soon. take a look at this. the heart warming surprise during her afternoon-school reading program. >> and twice lost to history, a painting hailed as the greatest artistic rediscovery of the 21st century is going on the auction block. >> and take a look. our high temperatures today for the most part in the low 70s, but cooler tomorrow. i'll be breaking that down in your storm team 4 four-zone forecast. andoug is going to d
5:37 pm
ralpand as a doctor, nobody ever asked if i'm a democrat or republican. they just want my help. so if donald trump is helping virginia i'll work with him. but donald trump proposed cutting virginia's school funding, rolling back our clean air and water protections, and taking away health care from thousands of virginians. as a candidate for governor, i sponsored this ad because i've stood up to donald trump on all of it. ed gillespie refuses to stand up to him at all.
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jesus christ has probably not looked so mesmerizing than a painting by da vinci, a painting that will go on sale next month for $100 million. salve a door mundy, which means savior of the world was a scant 20 paintings made by da vinci and it is the only one ever owned privately. it was purchased in 1958 for 60 bucks. now worth 100 million. there was a dispute about who painted it, but years of research has now proven it was ed
5:40 pm
look at that face. christy's auction house of london just put it on display and will auction it off in new york in november. >> 60 bucks, they didn't know it was leonardo. ads to the value a wee bit. >>, let's take a look at this. i think it's stunning, just stunning. and there's a lot of different salve a door mundy's from painters throughout the centuries. that was painted in 1500, they believe. beautiful. >> two major retailers are taking a hit today. production issues of apple's release of its iphone 10 if you're waiting. and sears loses one of its major brands. our consumer reporter susan hogan is here now with what this means for you. >> well, if you've been anticipating the release of apple's latest iphone 10 or x as many are calling it, you may have to wait in line. that's because ini
5:41 pm
expected to total around 20 million units, only half the plan amount for this year. the shortfall is being blamed on production issues for the new phone's face scanner sensor components. and sears and whirlpool are breaking up after their 100-year business relationship. in a note sent to its stores, sears said whirlpool is making demands that would have made it difficult to sell its appliances at a competitive price so sears is also pulling from its floors and online all of the products from whirlpool subsidiaries like may tag, kitchen aid and jen-air. this is effective immediately. sears plans to close more than 300 k-mart and sears stores by the end of this year. back to you. >> thanks, susan. an award winning restaurant puts a look at classic french
5:42 pm
fare bar a bra harris takes a look at thewharf. [000:42:04;00] vo: john adams' prescription for health care would be a disaster for virginia families. adams supports letting insurance companies deny coverage for pre-existing conditions. seniors would be charged thousands more. 685,000 virginians would lose their health care. and adams is against medicaid expansion - denying coverage to thousands of
5:43 pm
veterans, children and the disabled. mark: i'm mark herring, candidate for
5:44 pm
attorney general, and i sponsored this ad. a man charged with attacking a woman inside her home in maryland. >> it turns out that the suspect is facing charges for [ inaudible ] just a few weeks before this in d.c. >> news 4 chris gordon joins us live where many are asking tonight why was this guy allowed back out on the streets, chris. >> reporter: well, tonight we have some answers explaining how this could have happened. you see, the man was arrested for sexual assault in the district, but then apparently slipped through the court monitoring system and then this weekend hit here in prince george's county. 23-year-old khary edwards
5:45 pm
di device that he was ordered to wear to protect the public. in september, edwards was arrested for first degree sexual assault. a d.c. judge ordered edwards to wear the gps ankle bracelet, restricting him to his home in southeast washington. but on saturday afternoon, prince george's county police received an emergency call from an 81-year-old woman reporting she's been attacked. >> the first officer arrived on the scene, saw the guy running away naked. other officers arrived and eventually located him and took him into custody. >> reporter: on september 25th, edwards is arrested and charged with sexually attacking a woman in d.c. the next day prosecutors asked for high-intensity supervision of edwards rather than requesting he be held in jail pending trial. on october 19th, the gps monitoring device edwards wore triggers a tampering notification. on october 21st, an elderly
5:46 pm
woman is violently attacked in her camp springs, prince george's county which helps victims of sexual assault calls this a tragedy. >> you would think, having the monitor, would have been some indicator to help keep the citizens actually of the community safe, let alone that one individual. so, we're very, very saddened. >> reporter: edwards won't be going anywhere else for now. he's in the prince george's county corrections center, held without bond. reporting from upper marlboro, chris gordon, news 4. >> mondays are coming to public schools in brooklyn next spring. new york mayor bill de blasio 15 schools in the bro will try vegetarian meals on monday as well as his home gracie mansion. this concept of meatless mondays has already hit our area. the university of maryland does it, baltimore public schools started meatless mondays last october. numerous studies show americans consume a lot more protein than they need and focusing on
5:47 pm
vegetarian meals on once or twice a week is bette f health because they are lower in saturated fat and higher in fiber. just stay away from the french fries. >> right, exactly. if you want fries and amazingly prepared meat we're going to take you to the hottest new spot in the wharf. the wharf is promising the whole any experience in the district. >> a new restaurant hoping this week and it has a big name behind it. barbara harrison just got a look inside with a tour from the chef himself. bow, he's busy. he's prolific in this area. >> you talk about fries, he's going to have fries, french fries. it is a french restaurant. if you live anywhere in the d.c. area, it's hard not to recognize the name mike isabella. with 11 restaurants a roind here
5:48 pm
already he decided from the beginning he wanted right in the very middle of the brand-new wharf is a perfect freestanding glass house. its view from the front includes these dancing waters. from its back door, it takes center stage along the mile-long stretch of washington waterfront. the brand-new neighborhood home for another mike isabella restaurant. >> it's funny, when i was negotiating to get this space about 2 1/2 years ago, they're like, we looked at the plan on the board, you know, the whole wharf was this big instead of a mile long. i'm like what's that little box in the middle? that's not -- we're not sure what we're going to do with that. i want that one. >> reporter: he calls it the new jewel in the wharf area and he was bound and determined to have his 12th restaurant in some 6 1/2 years be right here in the middle of it all. >> i wanted to be in the center of the stage. i want to be on the water. it's always been a dream of mine to have a restaurant on the water and, what would you do? picture this place being, you know, in the french riviera. >> reporter: he named the new
5:49 pm
restaurant requin which means sh a cuisine he says will be a modern take on some familiar french recipes. >> we have duck a la range on the menu. >> reporter: while his neighborhood restaurants cover the globe with a myriad of different flavors from countries around the world, he cut his teeth on italian. >> i started cooking at five years old rolling meat balls with my grandmother, making pastas and things like that. it was a dream of mine to always cook. >> reporter: but cooking per se is behind him. now he's a businessman. >> started off being a cook and then being a sous chef, traveling, it would be cool to have two or three restaurants. that was 6 1/2 years ago. now i have 12 with nine more coming. >> reporter: he's come a long way from rolling meat balls with his grandmother in new jersey. and did she ever get down the turnpike to see how far her cooking lessons had taken her grandson? >> she passed away when i was 21.
5:50 pm
so, she sees what's going on. >> reporter: and he knows she would be proud. you probably recognize him as being on top chef. so he likes to be center stage. >> he does. >> and he says he's not really that interested in cooking any more. he looks for really great chefs and he feels like he's -- >> gives them a stage. >> yes, nine more. >> a lot in virginia. northern virginia. >> tyson's corner. those new nine will be in one spot. nine different restaurants in tyson's corner. >> my goodness. >> not a food court. he goes the distance. he goes big when he does it. >> he says they're going to -- it's going to be sort of a new kind of take on french food. they're going to have all the things that you know, but a little bit different taste. >> i hope there's a spin class nearby for all of those nine restaurants. pop through them and go off on a bike many. thanks, barb. >> thank you, barbara. doug joins us. we remember the restaurant, it wasn't open, but we roasted s'mores on opening day.
5:51 pm
cool spot. >> really cool center. that was right in the center of everything. it's going to be a lot of people down there. if you're thinking about getting down to the wharf over the next couple days, make sure you have on a jacket or sweater. you're going to need it. it's going to be on the cool side. in you're heading down there this evening, not bad. look looking at mostly clear skies. temperature 72 degrees. [ inaudible ]. now, cloud cover not much. that means we don't have any rain out there. we did see some rain last night. d.c. just over a tenth of an inch. leesburg, dulles half an inch of rain overnight last night. we did need the rain. tomorrow, a cool start for sure. 50 degrees in the city, many of you in the suburbs, though, low to mid 40s. so remember, make sure you dress, have the jackets on for the kids, sweat shirts, 60 dpe
5:52 pm
grizzlies -- degreest year. what about the four zone forecast the weather where you live? amelia is here with more on that from the weather center. >> we were talking about how warm it has been. toward the end of the month, finally feeling like normal. we're going to break you out zone by zone starting with your d.c. metro zone. washington, gaithersburg, bethesda, bowie over into camp springs. this morning it was cool out there. tomorrow morning definitely crisp. 10 degrees cooler, you want the fall jacket for the kids [ inaudible ]. at a chris being afternoon, the vest and flannel weather is here and it's looking like it's going to be here at least over the next ten days. as we head out to our mountain zwloe zone, definitely chilly out there. for the most part on average, low 40s to start the day.
5:53 pm
upper 50s for tft like hagerstown, winchester and luray for high temperatures tomorrow, then we head out to our eastern zone, heads up if you're thinking about taking the boat out tomorrow evening after work. can't rule out a small craft advisory there on the water tomorrow. you want the fall jacket there as well. and, doug, after tomorrow, our temperatures continue to tumble. we could even see some 30s in the suburbs, right, over the next ten days? >> that's right. you mention the 30s. definitely in here for the day on thursday. rather 61 degrees on thursday morning. cool start thursday morning, but even cooler on friday morning. low temperatures friday morning, you mention the 30s. there they are, upper 30s. could even see a frost advisory early on friday. 70 on saturday, sunday of course the redskins game. taking on the cowboys. we need a win after that, let's call it debacle last night. 64 degrees at 1:00. rain likely on, on sunday. again, the game time 4:25. i think by the time the game is on, we should be drying out.
5:54 pm
but that's something we're going to keep look at monday, a high of only 56. for halloween a low of 44. many of you will be close to freezing monday and tuesday morning. could see our first freeze warnings in effect in some of the suburbs. watch out for that. yeah, wearing the costume i'll probably have to have the sweatshirt on underneath the, whatever outfit. >> never a good look. >> it isn't. >> just isn't. >> depends what you're doing. winter is coming. game of thrones. >> there you go. >> thank you, doug. there is more to come tonight. >> just ahead, a darling birthday surprise for local third grader. >> reporter: third grader in woodbridge gets the birthday surprise of a lifetime from her dad.
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
li awe, daddy's little girl receiving a big birthday surprise when her dad back from deployment made that unexpected visit to school today. but keeping that plan secret, well, it took some coordinating. >> news 4's kristin wright with just how much her mom had to do and create a distraction to create this unforgettable moment. >> hi, sweetie. happy birthday. >> reporter: she got to have her mom come read to the class for her 9th birthday. >> have i told you lately how
5:58 pm
wonderful you are? >> reporter: but the best birthdays -- the best birthdays are full of surprises. >> how are you? >> good. >> reporter: one awe not enough for a moment like this with your little girl. [ applause ] >> reporter: air force lieutenant colonel lee jones is home from his deployment to pakistan. >> we know that we have to serve and that we have to deploy, but that's the piece that you don't take into account, is when you're gone and there is something happening at home and you can't be there to comfort them or to help make the situation easier. >> happy birthday. >> reporter: mom planned the best birthday ever. >> do you guys know what kin means? >> no. >> it's family. >> reporter: the kids at her class in woodbridge elementary are glad that he's home, too. >> welcome home. >> thank you. she was almost like, is it really him? i think it's him.
5:59 pm
>> reporter: more tears. >> amazing. >> are you crying again? >> reporter: and smiles. she will always remember this birthday surprise. the best part of the surprise is that mikaela's father is home. the deployment is over, and he's been reassigned to the pentagon. what a birthday. in woodbridge, kristin wright, news 4. >> now at 6:00, direct hit. >> there was absolutely no warning and a car came through the wall, fell on the floor with a friend of mine. then the table came down on top of us. >> bricks flying and people ducking for cover when a car slams into a crowded restaurant. >> these are my customers that it happened to. they're in here quite often. >> they're in here almost every day. >> tonight the stories of survival and what about the woman behind the wheel?
6:00 pm
>> a security scare unfolds on live tv within feet of the be talking about treason! >> who was he and how did he get past security without raising any red flags? >> announcer: news 4 at 6:00 begins with breaking news. >> news is breaking as we come on the air tonight. chaos at a popular place to stop and get lunch. >> that's right, you can see the damage from chopper 4. car crashes right through a restaurant. >> people were trapped underneath the ceiling and the tables and the wall came down. so -- >> all this happened at the babe's and boy's tavern off of marlborough pike in upper marlboro. prince george's county bureau chief tracee wilkins talked to witnesses and the woman who was behind the wheel. >> reporter: the vehicle is still inside of the restaurant here and a flatbed tow truck is standing by waiting to pull it out as soon as they are able to sure up this building and make sure it doesn't completely collapse. when we first arrived on this scene, there were people bloodied, being rushed into ambulances.


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